Tri-W-Data GmbH


Tri-W-Data GmbH
Huebstrasse 35a
CH-8317 Tagelswangen

Tel.  +41 (0)52 235 19 99
Fax. +41 (0)52 235 19 98



Gerald Weber, Erich Schlotterer, Urban Wymann

Corporate Name, Registered Office and Term

Tri-W-Data GmbH is registered as a limited liability company permanently based in Tagelswangen ZH in accordance with Swiss Company law (Art. 772ff of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR)).

Purpose of Company

The predominant purpose of the Company is to provide software services, in particular in the following areas: WorldWideWeb, database administration, UNIX/Linux operating systems, consulting, training and software development.


Organigramm Tri-W-Data GmbH